Richard Sanfratello


I am a full service, multi-line agent as well as a personal financial representative and have served clients in the Chicagoland market for over 20 years. The Sanfratello Insurance Agency provides personal, business and commercial insurance products to protect the assets held by families as well as small business owners and entrepreneurs.

As an agent who runs his own office, I also know what it’s like to run a small business and depend on one’s personal reputation. As I was growing up, my family was in the restaurant business, and the small business mentality runs through my veins. Over my long career, I’ve served in an advisory role in numerous small businesses, and I’d like to think I understand small business inside and out. My approach to insurance is deeply based in the community — an insurance company does not only provide a service, it has to be the cornerstone of stability in the community, and be actively involved in it. For this reason, I am deeply committed to maintaining long-lasting client relationships based on established trust.

By working with the Sanfratello Insurance Agency, our customers have the backing of one of the largest and most socially responsible insurance companies in the world, which has been protecting families and businesses since 1931. Insurance companies, especially major ones, have a reputation of looking past the individual and only at the numbers. Unlike these, my agency will always stay committed to considering clients on an individual basis, taking into account all of the customer’s unique qualities in determining their optimal coverage. In addition to embracing this company ethic, my long career in the field of financial valuation services helps me to ensure that clients will always receive appropriate levels of coverage for their assets, minimizing risk while keeping insurance premiums as low as possible.

In addition to the standard list of personal and commercial insurance product lines, my office offers life insurance products financial products for retirement.